About Us

 My goal with Rad Bicycle Co. is to make high quality MTB frames. I raced for many years in the local michigan series, which lead me to knowing what i want out of a bike. The thing i strive most for is a stiff bike and being able to optimize power to the pedal. Collaborating with Ordnance Bikes out of ann arbor we came up with an internal yoke design which we run on all of our frames (besides the gravel grinder). 

  I started Rad Bicycle Co to stay in the cycling world after having my first son. I knew riding 12-15 hours a week wasn't an option if i wanted to be apart of my son's developmental years. Racing came to a halt and Rad was born. 

  When starting off i found out early that there was a lot more into a frame then what it seems. I quickly got hung up on numbers and drawings. This was my own demon carried over from my day job in automotive welding. Once i got over that hump i tossed some bikes out there for friends and locals and things started to take off. 

  Having a few frames returned for overly flexy and some broken tubes i quickly started redesigning and researching best weld practices with thin wall tubing. My first revision of bikes used a yoke style to gain clearance. A Quick trip to the computer for some design work fixed that. We are now running full tubing on all bikes to optimize stiffness. Along with that all frames are welding with heat sinks and fully back purge with argon gas to achieve the highest and strongest quality weld.